The Olive Picker: A Mind Blowing Memoir

Memoir by Kathryn Brettell

Memoir by Kathryn Brettell

I don’t normally “do” memoirs.  I’m more of a fiction reader, a die-hard fan who read the entire Harry Potter series four times and watched the movies…*gulp* I just realized I’m not willing to admit how many times I’ve seen the movies.  But sometimes, a book just reaches out, grabs you by the shirt collar, and insists on being read.

The Olive Picker is one such book.  Honestly, I didn’t expect much because I was reading outside my normal genre. After reading the first few pages of The Olive Picker, I was no longer convinced the work was so different from fiction after all, as I could barely believe what I was reading.

I found myself carrying the book from room to room, unwilling to put it down while I went about my daily routine.  Driven, I read it from start to finish in one day.

Kathryn Brettell is in total command of her craft.  By that I mean she is a gifted writer, an excellent strategist, extremely creative, and honest until it hurts.  So much so, you had better stock up on tissues before you embark on the journey she has laid out for her readers.  I read the book nearly a month ago and it still haunts my thoughts.

Whenever I think of this story, I see a beautiful little pitbull pup in my mind, a pup made to fight for its life and usually against the larger, more ferocious dogs.  It’s that intense.

I couldn’t possibly recommend this book to the faint of heart.  But for everyone else, it will blow your socks off, mess with your head, make you laugh so hard you’ll leak, and break your heart only to put it together again by the time you finish.


Author of Devil's Edge, The Future Queen, and J.J. Houston: Murder on Moon Street. I live in Rhode Island with the love of my life, two menopausal tomato plants, and several purse-snatching poltergeists. I love to read. I'm an archaeology buff, I poke around in science and physics, philosophy and art, and I enjoy gardening. My favorite movie is Fried Green Tomatoes, I listen to movie soundtracks while I write. Like Garfield, I will absolutely chase my own shadow for a pan of lasagna.

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